The U.S. Virgin Islands may soon be able to offer gaming that is online but many caveats abound. (Image supply:

Most Americans understand the U.S. Virgin isles for the sunshine and beautiful beaches that they are able to check out without being forced to obtain a passport. But thanks to a recent ruling from the islands’ Attorney General, this vacation spot may soon become just as well-known as a home for online gambling.

Attorney General Weighs In

V.I. Attorney General Vincent Frazer issued a viewpoint with other Virgin isles officials, stating that the 2001 V.I. legislation that allowed for online gambling companies to operate in the nation wouldn’t normally clash with any laws that are federal america, and thus the law could finally be used to permit the territory to host Web gambling companies. As yet, the territory had held off on really permitting any online gaming to go forward, because of warnings issued from the federal government.

However, as is often the case in these circumstances, things aren’t quite that clear cut. Regulations only enables two companies to operate as ‘master providers’ within the territory, shutting out some other potential operators. And at least one of those companies claims that they’ve lost a majority of their investors in the 12 years considering that the legislation has passed, due to the doubt around whether or not they’d ever be able to provide gaming that is onl