A lottery jackpot-winning dad in the UK didn’t make his grown son too happy with exactly what he bought him together with his winnings recently

Winning a lottery isn’t always since lucky them apart, it is the tale of William Robertson and his lottery jackpot-winning father, Alex Robertson as it appears based on mounds of empirical evidence and if ever there was evidence that money can take relationships and tear.

Alex, age 58 and from Scotland, was the lucky winner of a £3.1m ($4.8 million) Euromillions jackpot as an ingredient of a syndicate of 12 coach drivers, who all shared the;38m that is&pound$59 million) award. But rather than sharing his fortune that is good with 35-year-od son William, the dad merely bought him 200 cigarettes together with winnings. Understandably, their son was a little disgruntled at this action.

As being a result, William wound up presumably harassing his dad through text messages as he obviously wanted over a few cigarettes. Perhaps a good platinum lighter could have done the trick?

Arrested Development

William Robertson had been arrested after his daddy advertised that the text messages had become threatening, but walked totally free recently after Alex neglected to turn up at court to carry the charges out. Rather, he is reportedly living it into the resort that is spanish of, where he now resides with his partner Morag.

‘The allegation is one of harassment,’ explai